Grinding Liquid

Grinding Liquid

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Thương hiệu : Earth Chain
Xuất xứ : 100% Made In Taiwan
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Grinding Liquid

- Hiêu: Earth Chain

- Xuất xứ: 100% Made In Taiwan

Thông số kỹ thuật máy của máy làm sạch bavia

Strong environmental protection, polished, cleaned, antidiscoloration slurry (grinding liquid)

Grinding Liquid

1/ The function of liquid 233A:Prevent rust, polishing, cooling and cleaning.

2/ The slurry is applied continuously for grinding about 90 minutes, and then the temperature

can reach at 70 ℃, please notice to replace in turn.

3/ If the surface contains too much oil, add an additional detergent for cleaning effect

4/ The slurry is attached with composition and safety data sheets, ROHS certification, and is

compliance with environmental emission standards.


ORDER NO. The main workpiece materials for application
Stainless steel, copper, aluminum, titanium category of non-magnetic materials (please dilute in 50 times of the water).
Iron, carbon-steel, etc. category of carbon-type magnetic material (The rusted material.)
Iron, carbon-steel, etc. category of carbon-type magnetic material(The rusted material.)
* Please buy water-based oil by yourself.


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