Stainless Steel Pins

Stainless Steel Pins

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Thương hiệu : Earth Chain
Xuất xứ : 100% Made In Taiwan
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Stainless Steel Pins

- Hiêu: Earth Chain

- Mã đặt hàng: EVS-R580

- Xuất xứ: 100% Made In Taiwan

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Grinding Material:Stainless Steel Pins(SUS304 Magnetic Treatment)

Grinding Material Stainless Steel Pins(SUS304 Magnetic Treatment)

Recommended stainless steel magnetic pins

1/- If pins is more rough, then the grinding capacity is more powerful. Therefore, when

choose the pins, the material hardness of workpiece will decide the pins. Stainless steel or

iron materials can choose pins specification more, than 0.5φ, and for copper and aluminum

material of softness, the specification of pins adopts less than 0.5φ. Of course, the magnetic

force of magnet grinder can be adjusted by sted-less. Therefore, after several times

of testing, the most appropriate grinding can be obtained.

2/- The rough or fine stainless steel pins will decide the size of bore for work piece. Besides,

when grinding the seam inside the hole for work piece, we recommend you to use of pins

with 3mm length for better effect.

3/- Grinding material of stainless steel is permanent material available for continuous use, a

special magnetic pins,can be customer-made on special request.

4/ The thickness of the pins has varying degrees of effectiveness on grinding surface, and

select the acute angle of the pins if the surface of atomization effect is required, however,

select a round magnetic pins if the surface of bright effect is required.

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